Zebrafish Enhancer Trap Database

This is a subset of zebrafish Gal4 enhancer trap lines generated by the Burgess lab at the NICHD. We use several enhancer trap vectors, however all of the lines available here use tol2 mediated transgenesis, express Gal4ff, are currently maintained in the background of 14xUAS:Kaede and have been bred for several generations to isolate single insertions.

We assess expression at 1 dpf then again at 4 to 6 dpf (here designed '4 dpf'). Our primary interest is in lines that selectively mark regions of the brain. In the future we will make all of these lines available, however the subset available here encompasses lines either with expression primarily outside the nervous system, or with broad brain expression. To contact us for more information about these lines please email haroldburgess@mail.nih.gov.

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